Construction Payroll Services

Few industries are as complex or well-regulated as the construction industry. This can make in-house payroll processing expensive, time-consuming and prone to errors. At Finesse Resources, we help your construction business reduce costs by providing an always-accurate and totally reliable payroll service that’s grounded in extensive industry expertise.

With our large, dedicated and well-trained team, we can relieve your business of the burden of construction payroll management. And we’ll do so at a price point that’s difficult to beat.

Benefits of outsourcing your construction payroll

There are several benefits to outsourcing construction payroll services. While many businesses focus exclusively on the cost-effective nature of outsourcing, we believe that’s selling our service a little short.

At Finesse, we do offer construction payroll services at a price you’ll struggle to better. However, we also couple it with an unbeatable service that delivers everything your business needs, month after month.



Cost is at the forefront of every manager’s mind and is one of the most important factors in any business decision. Our services are priced competitively and designed to ensure that you’re better off than you would be running an in-house team.

We can offer such a cost-effective service because of the advanced payroll technology, knowledgeable team and extensive experience we have at our disposal. By specialising in payroll management, we’re able to leverage our economies of scale to reduce the cost to your business, while also offering an industry-leading service.



One of the most significant problems encountered by payroll teams is that of accuracy. The sheer amount of data that needs to be collected, revised, checked over and submitted means it’s easy for small teams or individuals to make mistakes. These mistakes can prove costly, too.

Through a combination of cutting-edge payroll technology, our talented team and an in-depth understanding of the payroll system and relevant regulations, we ensure your construction payroll is 100% accurate, month-in, month-out.

Growing as you do

Growing as you do

Successful businesses are rarely static for long. The drive for growth means that many companies are in a constant state of expansion and contraction as they seek out new clients and come to the end of old contracts. This can put a considerable strain on in-house payroll teams. Particularly, as finding and hiring additional administrators is prohibitively expensive.

At Finesse Resources, we’re able to scale the team attached to your business to ensure your needs are met. Whether you’re in a rush to onboard new employees or need to adjust some workers’ tax status, we handle every aspect of the payroll process. This versatility and flexibility mean we’re the perfect partner for businesses with an insatiable hunger for growth.

Specific benefits for the construction sector

When it comes to payroll, the construction sector differs significantly from other industries in several ways. Staffing levels vary day-to-day and specialists often need to be brought on-site for relatively short periods of time.

Regulation is also a big issue. Failure to properly process your construction payroll can result in large fines that put your business at risk. With Finesse Resources, you’re guaranteed accurate and reliable processing that eliminates the possibility of incurring punishing financial penalties.

The Finesse Way

Finesse Resources offers a service that’s reliable, accurate and flexible. We’ve designed and developed our construction payroll services to ensure that they meet all of the needs of businesses in the industry. And we’ve also built a team that’s well-versed in construction regulations and that understand their peculiarities. Because we believe that companies want a payroll service that covers everything and leaves nothing to chance. And that’s the Finesse Way.

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