Payroll Quality Assurance Service

Your team relies on you to ensure their pay is delivered on time and with no errors. Payroll quality assurance is one way of maintaining a tight grip on your payroll process while ensuring that you, your workers, and HMRC are happy that every detail is correct. Our payroll quality assurance service delivers all this and more.

Why is Payroll quality assurance so important?

Why is Payroll quality assurance so important?

Every year, billions of pounds are fraudulently syphoned off payrolls. Mistakes, fines, and errors account for millions more. With everyone depending on their pay packets every month, it’s essential that employers and payroll management services get it absolutely right, first time, every time. Mistakes cause delays, damage your reputation as a business, and can lead to expensive legal action too.

Put simply, payroll quality assurance is a checks-and-balances service that ensures everything from automated data input and 'self-service' set-ups through to compliance issues and payroll efficiency is running correctly.

Finesse Resources – your payroll quality assurance partners

Finesse Resources – your payroll quality assurance partners

Payroll may not be the most exciting business topic in the world, but it's undoubtedly one of the most important. At Finesse Resources, we never underestimate how important getting the details right is to your operation.

Our highly trained and experienced Payroll Quality Assurance experts never stop expanding their knowledge base and stay up to date with all the latest best-practice and legislative requirements through continual personal development training. That means they can deliver the latest information to keep you on top of your obligations and your business finances.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Our payroll quality assurance service starts with a thorough investigation of your payroll system. This root-and-branch check involves going through every aspect of your payroll system, highlighting not just the weak spots but where your system is working efficiently, too. We then consult with you to iron out the issues so that every aspect of your payroll is compliant, competent, and competitive.

  • We examine every aspect of your payroll process, reappraising and advising where necessary.
  • We review your payroll and make sure it links organically with your organisation's vision.
  • We train, develop and revise, helping you set up a payroll process that works flawlessly every time.

What we don’t do

Our payroll quality assurance service won't look at anything outside the payroll department, but we will look at how your payroll integrates with your business. This way, we can help you become as efficient as possible. We won't validate transactions or carry out audits for HMRC.

But what we will do is help you with clear, no-nonsense advice on how to perform your payroll duties efficiently and effectively. And that’s an invaluable asset for your business.

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