Financial Services Payroll Service

At Finesse, we specialise in providing outstanding financial payroll services. We work across a wide range of industries but have extensive experience in the financial services sector in particular. That puts us in the position to help you meet your legal and regulatory expectations and to ensure employees are paid on time, every time.

We benefit from access to the latest payroll technology, a dedicated, specialist team and considerable payroll expertise. We’re here to relieve you of the stress, strain and cost of managing an in-house financial payroll services team. We’re here to make a difference to your business.

Benefits of outsourcing financial services payroll

Our financial payroll service is designed to meet your business’s specific needs. It prioritises speed of processing, without compromising accuracy, and offers you an opportunity to cut costs and focus your attention on growing your company. We handle every aspect of the payroll process - from getting employees set up on the system to liaising with HMRC - and pride ourselves on our world-class customer service.



One of the principal benefits of outsourcing financial payroll services is reduced costs for your business. In-house payroll teams are typically expensive, requiring training and access to payroll-specific software that quickly becomes redundant and outdated.

With Finesse Resources, we offer highly competitive rates that mean you’ll pay significantly less on a per-employee basis than you would running an in-house team. Our economies of scale ensure we have access to the latest payroll tools and a flexible and experienced payroll team, allowing us to pass on significant savings to your business.



Accuracy of payroll operations is important for businesses in all industries. However, it’s particularly essential in the financial services sector. Complex payrolls, extensive regulation and the possibility of large penalties makes your continued success dependant on reliable payroll operations.

We deliver our financial payroll services on time, no matter the deadline and guarantee 100% accuracy. We take the worry out of payroll management by shouldering the responsibility for reporting to HMRC and any other relevant regulators. After all, outsourcing payroll isn’t just about cutting costs. It’s about accessing a service that benefits your company.

Scale at Speed

Scale at Speed

For many businesses, growth is hampered and slowed by an inability to scale at speed. Nowhere is this more true than the payroll department. Moving from a single payroll administrator to a team of two or three will increase your costs and require a significant investment of time and resources. At a stage when you’re trying to quickly expand your team, this is counter-productive and can lead to missed opportunities.

At Finesse Resources, we’re able to match your pace of growth by providing you with a service that scales as you do. That means you don’t have to worry about enlarging your in-house payroll team. You just tell us what you need and we accommodate.

Specific Benefits for Financial Services

The financial services sector poses its own, unique payroll challenges. From complying with strict legislation and regulation to ensuring data security and providing bespoke payroll reports, our experience within the industry allows us to effectively manage your finance payroll operations.

We stay abreast of the latest developments in finance legislation and FCA regulations, ensuring you’re ahead of the curve and always compliant. The size of the financial penalties that can be levied against companies in the finance sector makes our accurate and reliable service more valuable than ever.

The Finesse Way

We understand the demands of payroll better than most. With 17 years’ experience, we’ve seen the difference outsourcing payroll services can make. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide an industry-leading service grounded in excellent customer service, competitive rates and extensive expertise.

Financial services payroll management is complex and challenging. We’re equipped to meet those challenges and relieve your organisation of the pressure of managing payroll in-house. We’ll ensure your payroll is processed on time, accurately and cost-effectively. And we’ll do it with finesse.

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