Statutory Payments Services

Statutory payments are a legal requirement for all UK businesses. As an employer, it’s your job to identify when an employee’s absence qualifies and to ensure they receive the right payments. At Finesse Resources, we can handle all your payroll commitments including statutory payments as your chosen payroll partner.

Types of Statutory Payments

There are five circumstances where you are required to pay statutory payments to an employee on leave.

Statutory Payment

Reclaiming Tax on Statutory Payments

As an employer, your business can normally reclaim 92% of employee’s statutory parental payments. If you qualify for Small Employers’ Relief, you can reclaim 103%. You can also apply for HMRC to pay you in advance if you cannot afford to make statutory payments.

If you choose Finesse Resources as your payroll partner, we will ensure that all reclaims are made and handle the paperwork should you need an advancement from HMRC. We will also generate the relevant forms if you need to reject a statutory payment claim for an employee that is ineligible.

Employer Penalties for Statutory Payments

There are ten types of penalties that your business can receive if you incorrectly operate statutory payments.

Statutory Pay table

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